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     Unlike most conventional dollies, I.T.E.C.'s single-pivot, double drawbar design allows drivers to back up double trailers, without disconnecting, for faster, more efficient loading and unloading, easier parking and maneuvering in tight quarters.

      The self steering axle offers a combination of high strength, excellent stability and improved maneuverability. Compared to A-Type dollies, I.T.E.C.'s C-Dolly offers substantially less off-tracking for significantly easier handling coming out of tight C-dollycorners or congested areas. Superior lateral stability reduces serpentining, which reduces tire wear and stress to trailer structural components. Unique "flexible" frame designed for long life and compensates for uneven surfaces. For more information on the I.T.E.C. C-type converter dolly click on the "C-dollies" button.

     I.T.E.C., Inc. designed the H-dolly for a prominent beverage company in Mexico. Upon completion of designing the Dolly, a demonstration of our H-Dolly versing a traditional A-type Dolly was made for the Mexican Government in which resulted in the Government allowing all trucks using the H-Dolly (Tandem Axle), an additional twelve percent weight advantage. Needless to say we were, very pleased in the confidence the Mexican Government put into our product. We might add that the B-Train was not even considered... The H-dolly is now a necessary tool in Mexico's logistics industry and is used extensively there.

     We also manufacture couplers and eyes designed specifically for our C&H-type dolly applications. The I.T.E.C. 475 & 525 Eye and 600d Coupler meets or exceeds all U.S. And Canadian Transport requirements. The I.T.E.C. 600d coupling system (hitch) is the world’s first hitch design that can be manually released under for or aft pressure without using air this also adds to driver safety and convenience. I.T.E.C.’s practice of Induction Hardening all drawbar eyes and pintle hooks benefits the end user in several ways. The life of each eye as well as the hitch is drastically extended due to its increased wear resistance. Induction hardening does not just harden the outer surface of the material , it also adds strength throughout the material.

     ARTICLE SUBMITTED BY: Chris Winkler, University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute Email: cbw@umich.edu The Engineering Research Division of UMTRI has recently completed a three-year field study of long combination vehicles using ABS and double drawbar dollies. Results are reported in: Winkler, et al. 'An operational field test of long combination vehicles using ABS and C-dollies.' Vol. 1, final technical report, pp 168. Vol 2, appendices, pp 260. Report no. UMTRI-95-45-1,2. December 1995. Read more.



ITEC 600d Coupler

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